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Workshops available:

Nuno FeltingDyeing fabric for nuno felting


Beginning Nuno Felting

Nuno Felting is the process of laminating wool to selected areas of a base cloth. In this beginner class we’ll master the process by making several small humanoids, animals, and ornaments. These smaller projects are a fun introduction to the process and give you the skills needed to make larger projects successfully. Merino fleece, base cloths, and decorative items will be provided.

Intermediate Nuno Felting

In this class you will make a lightweight drapeable wool and silk scarf. We will discuss appropriate materials and see samples of finished pieces. You will go home inspired by the limitless possibilities of this exciting process and what you can do next. Marino fleece, fabrics, and decorative items will be provided. Students are asked to bring a roll of bubble wrap 12 inches x 2 yards min., (make sure only one side is smooth), small amounts of fibers or yarns you’d like to try (optional), and rubber gloves.

Advanced Nuno Felting

Now that you know the basics of nuno felting, you can push the boundaries to make wild and funky textured scarves. Some of the new techniques we will try are: adding fringes, making puckered and sheered textures, shaping the fabric by changing the direction of the fibers, and alternating the side of the fabric that has added fibers. Marino fleece, fabrics and decorative items will be provided. Students are asked to bring a roll of bubble wrap 12 inches x 2 yards min., (make sure only one side is smooth), small amounts of fibers or yarns you’d like to try (optional), and rubber gloves.

The Nuno Felting workshops are all one day but can be combined for a one day all level or a two day workshop.

Felted Bead Workshop

Felted beads can be a colorful and unique addition to any wardrobe, be used as buttons, or just sit in a bowl and look beautiful. In this class, we’ll make wet felted beads of several sizes and shapes and in many colors. We’ll embellish them with beads, yarns, and even tie-dye them. This is a fun and creative class.

1 day


These classes are available for guilds. For individuals who are interested in these workshops, please check my calendar for times and information.

You can also check my blog for other classes

Plain Weave Revisited

Take a second look at plain weave and you’ll find it’s not so plain after all. Utilizing color and weave effects, differential shrinkage, novelty yarns, spaced warps, and a few other creative surprises, you’ll find there are a myriad of possibilities for this simple weave structure. Working as a round robin class with pre warped looms, you’ll go home with a sampler of possibilities for full sized projects.

2 days

Inkle Loom

In this class we will jump right into the basics of weaving without the need for complicated and expensive looms. Inkle looms are an easy way to make narrow bands in any size from bookmarks to guitar straps, belts, or even wrist distaffs. Colorful bands are simple and straightforward to warp, about as close to instant gratification as you can get with weaving.

1 day

The Woven Journal

Spend time exploring and rethinking your environment to create a small woven journal of your experiences. Capture the color and emotion of your day. After spending time with Geri, your view of your world, environment and your art will expand and will connect your daily life more closely to your weaving. This is an off loom class, open to all levels of experience.

1 or 2 days

Off Loom Weaving Projects

There are many wonderful off loom projects that use small amounts of yarns. We’ll begin by constructing a simple loom from inexpensive materials. While you’re weaving, we’ll look at a number of other simple looms and small projects. These projects are also suitable for use with children. We’ll discuss what ages are appropriate and a few hints on working in groups. All supplies, handouts, and materials for making the other sample looms you didn’t get time for in the class are provided.

1 or 2 days


Tie dye with a twist

Ever wonder how they make those stretchy wrinkled shirts that are so popular these days? It’s easy, as you will find out in this workshop. We will start with already constructed oversized shirts and shape and dye them in creative ways. Ancient shabori techniques get a modern twist by heat setting the shapes right into the fabric. We will work with patterned transfer papers, make our own transfer papers, and use vat dyes.

1 or 2 days