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Pa-Da Cotton Textile Museum, Chomg Thong, Northern Thailand
After WWII Mrs. Saeng-da Bansiddhi started working with local women to preserve traditional dyeing and weaving techniques and provide jobs for local women. She was awarded the honor of National Folkcraft Artist in 1985. Her home is now the Pa-Da Cotton Textile Museum and is run by her daughter and granddaughter. Natural dyes are still being used to dye the warp ikat cotton textiles woven by local women on the looms under the museum.

Weaving is done on looms under the Museum.

Winding bobbins from cones.

Long warping board at right.

Warp is wound from cones.

The warp is stretched over the frame, not wound onto a back beam.

Extra warp is stored in bag.

Storage for extra harness sets.

Yarns and cotton on display in museum.

Dye plants on display.

Dye plants drying in sun.

Dye pots

Spinning shed